A cup of expected and a whole mountain of delicious food is ready!

Two eggs

• Sugar, 2 tablespoons

• A little salt

kefir, 250 milliliters

250 grams of semolina

• Soda, measuring one tablespoon

• Fruit filling, such as apples

• Oil for frying

Questions 1. Are other fruits suitable? Without a doubt! Fruits like strawberries, pears, or anything you choose will do.

Can kefir be used in place of yoghurt? Kefir gives a peppery kick, but plain yoghurt works just as well.


(3) Is it possible to prepare the batteries ahead of time? It’s best used for delicate crusts, and you may prepare it in advance if you want.


4. What is the best way to reheat dish leftovers? Just a few minutes in the oven or toaster oven will do the trick.

Is gluten an ingredient in these pancakes? 5. Sure, since flour isn’t an ingredient.

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