VMware VCP-510 Certified Professional Vsphere Practice Exam

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Sample Question:

The administrator configures the access control for Vsphere HA cluster. The administrator selects Enable VM to run, even if they violate the restriction of availability. What two events occur during the ESXi host fails? (Choose two.)

Virtual machines with higher priority first began to reset.

Virtual machines with lower priority reboot does not restart.

Do not run virtual machines configured for FT.

Virtual machines with VM Monitoring Enabled restarted.


What type of Tolerance VMware Fault error is intended to protect against?

Failure on the ESXi host is running the primary virtual machine

The failure of the application on the primary virtual machine

Loss of storage in the primary virtual machine

operating system error on the primary virtual machine


The administrator discovered a flaw that affected the network connection Network Management Vsphere HA cluster. As a result, half of the hosts in a cluster can communicate with each other, but not the other half. The cluster has been configured with default settings. What happens as a result of an error?

VMS will depend on the slave nodes in the cluster. All V and hosts in the cluster is not altered.

VMS is not affected, the second master is selected. VMS will be understated for all nodes in the cluster. None

Under what conditions champion selected Vsphere HA? (Choose two.) multi-select

When a cluster is created

When the host is in maintenance mode When the configuration data store changes

When “Setting Vsphere CC” is performed


The virtual machine fails in a cluster Vsphere HA, but the World Cup will not be renewed. No error messages are not allowed. What are the two conditions will explain this behavior? (Choose two.)

control sensitivity has been set to a low level.

Monitoring applications only chosen.

Virtual machine failed three times.

HA cluster created with all default values.


The administrator configures the stretched HA cluster. The administrator wants to limit failover virtual machines to specific hosts within a particular site. What additional features Vsphere satisfy this requirement?

vSphere Distributed Switch

Distributed Resource Scheduler

Data store Clusters

Host folder POS ~~ = Trunc


What are the three cases of application for Tolerance Vsphere Fault? (Choose three.)

Provide guaranteed time for RDM enabled virtual machine

Provide effective security for the planned monthly payment virtual machine

Providing guaranteed reliability for designing the virtual machine with scheduled snapshots

Providing guaranteed reliability for the old Windows NT virtual machine Take time for a Linux virtual machine without making any changes to the OS


What Vsphere two functions can be used with virtual machines that are allowed for Tolerance VMware Fault? (Choose two.)


Storage Vmotion

RDMS in virtual compatibility mode

VMware Virtual SMP


ACME Anvil Inc. has several sections, each of which has a unique resource in your environment: 1. Production department has ten virtual machines production. 2. Development Department has two Test / Dev virtual machines. 3. Production of virtual machines, only the CPU redundancy. 4. Lack of a virtual machine to use more resources than any requests virtual machine manufacturing. 5. The production department of virtual machines must be able to work on. Resource pools are used to meet these needs. When you create a “production” and “development” pools, which parameters should be part of the configuration to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

Enabling Extensible backup on storage resources to the production pool

Set redundancy for CPU resources on the production of a pool of resources

Creating a desired group of rules to ensure the development of the virtual machines are always working on the development host

Make sure that the action set for the production of the basin, at least five times the shares available on the pool of





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