The Complete Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

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***Great course with interactive dashboard, pivot charts, pivot table and exercises to help student understand the course – Clark Belle Ortega***

***I never liked excel but I am actually enjoying to learn as you are teaching in a great way. “Wow”. -Preeti J. ***

***one of the best explained video on pivot table. thank you so much for providing this video – Pratapm537 ***

***Very good course! Excellent! It’s definitely one of my favorites – Luis Fernando***

***It Is Very Helpful And Easy To Understand. I Have No Doubts Regarding Pivot Tables And Its Formatting After Going Through It. Thank You For The Wonderful Teaching And Technical Support. – Deepak Kumar Kanaujia***

***Very Detailed Illustration And The Instructor Knows Well How To Use His Tools. Happy To Attend This Course And I Believe I Am Gonna Use It A Lot In My Work. – Mohamed Eltantawi***

***Wonderful Course. I’ve Been Using Excel For Many Years. But, What I’ve Learned In This Course Is A Paradigm Shift. – Yousuf Saif Al Hinai***

***Wow! Its Amazing Pivot Tables Course. I’ve Lots Of Gap On This Topic. Now, I’ve Clear Concept. – Md. Anisur Rahmen***GET ON UDEMY

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