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Others have a negligibly different approach. Clayton’s exemplary mate and seven-figure direct response writer, Parris Lampropoulos, start by scanning through his analysis and writing as many as 800 fascinations. Talk about discipline! He’ll likely only maintain about 100 of them at the most. Still, Parris likes to have approximately eight times more than he could ever utilize.

This is an elite system because it ensures that every bullet or desire that makes it into the final draft is impressive. He selects precisely from the “cream of the crop” rather than some useful ones and a ton of tolerable ones. (I’m sure you’ve noticed this issue — specifically online — where you’re reading a long line of bullets, and 3 out of 4 are passable, at best. You can gamble that the writer didn’t note seven times what he required and then pick his best!)

Looking at Parris’s writings, I witness how this offers him many mixtures in his bullet sections, making them more fascinating and satisfying to read. This is paramount— especially in promotions implicating many fascinations — because even just one or two imperfect ones can cause your reader to begin “skimming.” Occasionally, a few horrible bullets can get your copy dumped!

Remember, “your NUMBER One MISSION as a direct response MARKETER is to keep your Ideal CUSTOMER READING!

As you know, the essential purpose of copywriting is to CONVERT A CUSTOMER TO MAKE THE SALE. And, without question, the most reasonable way to do so is to keep your Ideal customer reading.

Have you ever witnessed when you’re reading sales copy… if you read or research a good one from beginning to end… Do you start sensing that you DESIRE the product? That’s the enchantment of a long copy! But it ONLY functions if you MAINTAIN your prospect’s interest and curiosity to the end.

That’s why Clayton frequently debates systematically about weeding out “ineffective associations” in your text— because weak connections push you to lose the reader’s attention. And eventually, cause you to lose sales. Because they’re so comfortable to read, bullets can be the most harmful of weak links.

That’s why, if you bore your ideal customer with impotent or redundant bullets, the best-case strategy is that he begins flipping and scanning (the contrary to what you desire). This is one step from placing the letter down or tossing it in the garbage.

So you want to create and change your bullets, so your copy has a natural flow and doesn’t seem fake. This signifies that some bullets need to be long, others short, some bullets blind, and others where you disclose the complete secret your ideal customer can directly benefit from.

Reading bullets should provide your prospect with a thrilling sensation. Almost like he’s on a roller coaster adventure and doesn’t predict which way he’s going to be turned next.

If you can keep your prospect reading through a long string of high-quality bullets and fascinations, your possibilities of making the sale rise exponentially!

How to CRUSH “headline block” for REAL

And here’s another compelling benefit you’ll obtain when you become a terrific bullet and fascination writer. Having an army of killer bullets and fascinations in your possession gives you a slew of outstanding headline opinions and opportunities.

Some of the finest writers in the industry will often begin their writing approach with bullets and fascinations.

That way, when it’s time to compose the headline, you’ve got dozens … if not HUNDREDS of great potential options for an incredible headline.

One of the more current models of a winning headline that started as a bullet is from the control for Bottom Line Personal: “How Doctors Stay Well While Treating Sick People All Day.”

This was simply the most fascinating, benefit-based bullet out of hundreds reported by the package’s author. If you see, it also indicates “credibility” because it mentions doctors. (We’ll examine the demand for evidence and credibility in your bullets more in a moment.

To work the same magic in your script, just write LOTS of bullets concealing every shocking, captivating, and emotionally touching amount of data you hold. When you’ve finished, you’ll have at least a few awesome headlines — presumably at least 1-2 GREAT ones!


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