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These guitar lessons cater for the complete beginner and are suitable for both electric and acoustic guitar. No musical experience is necessary. I have combined 3 of my guitar courses in this package, so that you have plenty of material to work through and a wide variety of guitar topics and techniques covered. Each section provides everything required to progress you towards becoming a confident and creative, intermediate level of guitar player.

We cover a vast range of guitar chordsintroduce scalesexplore exercises to improve your playing technique, learn some great songs and riffs – and also focus on encouraging you to write your own music.

There are lots of PDF’s attached throughout, that contain detailed information to assist your learning – plus, the full tab of the songs/riffs we discuss, and some extra ones for you to experiment and challenge yourself with.

I also link you to guitar recording and music production software and mention some tips for these areas along the way.

The course is broken up in to an easy to follow guide:


We start simply, by covering all the essential parts of the instrument. We will learn how to effectively tune our guitar, while developing a few tips and tricks to make this process a bit easier. I will also explain how to effectively read chord boxes & tabThese can look confusing at first! But this short section and accompanying visuals will make everything a lot easier to understand.

We then progress to some proper playing with a great finger exercise to get you up and running, and some awesome riffs to learn! These will act as a great foundation for your guitar technique.

The next section introduces strumming patterns, major and minor chords and your first 2 full songs.

Guitar scales come next – and we then use the knowledge gained so far, to begin looking at songwriting and composing your own music.

This course ends with more riffs, a tutorial on how to restring your guitar and a recap/conclusion of everything we have covered.


This 2nd class is all about mastering Power & Bar Chords. It will begin to work you up to an intermediate level – on either acoustic or electric guitar.

These chords open up a ton of possibilities! They are incredibly versatile and are used in a huge amount of music. They are an essential step in any guitar players development and they unlock a lot of doors!

We are going to look at the correct way to shape these particular chords and learn some very useful stretching/warm up exercises that are going to improve the overall strength and independence in your fingers.

wide variety of songs will be a big focus throughout. And we will utilise this range of music to develop a broad playing style, that will leave you feeling even more confident and creative on the guitar.

I supply a backing track, that provides an example of how you can use each of these chords alongside each other. And I will again encourage you to write your own music and expand your unique, creative ability.


This final course is all about improving guitar technique and creating effective guitar practice routines. This is designed to cater for your progression from beginner to intermediate guitar player – but even the more accomplished & experienced guitar players will be able to take something from this class.

We are going to cover a ton of different exercises that will improve your guitar:

  • Finger strength
  • Stretching capabilities
  • Speed you’re able to play at
  • Finger independence

The lessons are designed to move at an easy to follow pace, and along the way, I throw in some classic guitar riffs that will help us implement these techniques.

As well as guiding you through these exercises, I will also encourage you to start thinking about how you could create your own practice techniques – and I will always aim to instil the belief that you are able to discover and express your own, unique playing style and ability.

By the end of these courses, you will have developed a great standard of playing, will be well versed in a variety of guitar knowledge, and will have all the tools you need to take your guitar playing and creativity to the next level.

As a follow on from this course, I have created a Fingerpicking Guitar Class on Udemy – ‘Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons: Beginner Fingerpicking’ – This fingerpicking guitar course covers everything you need to play fingerstyle on the guitar. It’s suitable for the complete beginner and works up to an intermediate fingerstyle level – on both acoustic and electric guitar. Simply search that title or click on my teacher profile to find that class and all the others that I upload.

I’m available throughout your entire learning journey – so please feel free to reach out with questions You can message on Udemy or email

All the best!


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