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Who can take this course?

Kids (ages 7-13) with an intermediate to advance level

What will they learn?

During this age of learning a new language, your child has a growing knowledge of phonics in English and will be building up a range of reading skills.

The focus of this course is on developing their phonics and comprehension skills as they become confident and fluent readers.

With the video support, your child will be able to listen to the correct pronunciation and phonetics of every word.

You can pause and rewind the videos at your own ease and help your child pick up the proper pronunciation and follow a native accent.

Develop their comprehension Skills:

Comprehension adds meaning to what is being read. It also makes reading enjoyable, fun, and informative.

At the end of each video, answer a few questions regarding the text that will help the student pay attention to what is being read and get fully involved.

Key targets:

With this reading set, your children can not only develop their English vocabulary and comprehension skills but also:

  • Use phonics skills to decode words
  • Blend sounds in words
  • Listen to and read common exception words (tricky words)
  • Listen to and read words that have different endings
  • Listen to and read words with contractions
  • Listen to a read texts at the right level out loud
  • Re-listen and read out loud themselves to build up fluency and confidence in word reading
  • Listen to and talk about a range of stories and texts
  • Learn well-known stories and tales

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?

  • Kids (ages 7-13) with an intermediate to advance level
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