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Antivirus software is a type of security software that monitors and removes malicious or unwanted programs from your computer. These programs are also called virus, malware, Trojan horse and spyware. In addition, anti-virus software is essential to protect personal computers from online threats such as identity theft and fraud. In other words, without anti-virus software, your computer will become a platform for hackers to target and steal sensitive information from unsuspecting users.
How does anti-virus software work? To monitor your computer and find viruses, anti-virus software creates an index of all the files on your system. Based on this index, anti-virus software can identify suspicious files and create a list of malicious or unwanted programs for removal. In addition, anti-viral software can also delete viruses immediately before they cause any damage to your system. These functions make anti-virus software an indispensable tool for today’s tech savvy individuals.
In this course you will learn how anti-virus software works and create your own anti-virus software. You will learn the various techniques that are used by anti-virus vendors and increase your cyber security.
This is a beginners course, you don’t need any prior knowledge except for the chapter where you create your own anti-virus software (Python programming knowledge required).
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