Illustrator Essentials & Beyond – Beginning/Advance combined

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Are you slightly intimidated by Adobe Illustrator? The dreaded Pen tool? Direct Selection vs Selection? All of the fancy color options and effects? Then this course is for you!

This course breaks things down in simple, bite-sized lessons that make each part of Illustrator easy to understand and apply.

Just a few topics that we cover are (see landing page and outline for full topic list):

· Customizing and editing the Illustrator Workspace

· The Pen tool

· Adding and editing Anchor points

· Placing bitmap objects

· Layer management

· Drawing and customizing shapes

· The Direct Selection tool for editing shapes

· Colors, swatches, gradients

· Strokes and fills

· Corner radius options

· Guides and grids

· Brushes and brush strokes

· Magic wand tool

· Keyboard shortcuts

· Eyedropper tool

· Appearance panel

· Creating and editing patterns

· Using the Width Tool

· Using the Pencil tool

· Using the Smooth tool

· Using the Shape builder tool

· Using the Pathfinder panel

· Using the Live Paint tool

· Creative projects and assignments

· Type and typography including Tracking, Kerning, Leading

· Paragraph and Character Tyles

· Working with Artboards

· Using the Blending tool

· Image Trace

· Creative Cloud CC Libraries, how to share assets and organize content

· Graphic Styles

· Illustrator and Photoshop Effects

· Creatin g3D text and objects

· Exporting objects

· And more!

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?

  • Anyone who wants to learn design, illustration, Adobe and Illustrator. Illustrator can be used in any industry at any level.
  • Designers, Real Estate, Marketing, Sales, Admin, Web Designers, and more!
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