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Dear Aspirants,

As we know, most of the companies are using a variety of PLC, SCADA, HMI, and AutoCAD Electrical. So there is a huge requirement for the job in the automation sector like PLC programmer, Project Engineer, SCADA Operator, PLC, Commissioning Engineer, Control Engineer, Senior Design Engineer, Service Engineer, etc. In this course, I’m able to teach you SCADA systems from beginner level to expert. In this course, you will learn not only how to make SCADA screens or pages but also how to log or interface the PLC program with SCADA.

The participant will be able to,

-Learn all the SCADA properties like Percent Fill, Location, Visibility, Blinking, Orientation, Object Size, Analog, and Digital Fill color, etc.

– Learn project-based on the properties like Pick and Place Object, Water Bottle Filling Plant, Industrial Water Level Management, etc.

-Learn features of typical SCADA software including Dynamic process graphics, Real-time and Historical trending, Alarms, Recipe Management, Security, Device connectivity, Script for logic development, Database connectivity, Networking.

– Learn implementation of Real-time and Historical trending in the projects.

-Learn the use of analog and digital alarms in chemical plants.

-Design a Recipe management system for any recipes in SCADA.

-Learn the use of third-party databases and data logging features in projects.

-Design basic and advanced level security systems(Window Security, Group Security, and Application Security).

-Design one-way and two-way communication systems.

-Develop SCADA page using window script, action script, key script, etc..

This course starts with a basic introduction and ends with 10+ PLC SCADA  projects. If you looking for a course, where you will learn and implement SCADA applications in the real world, then this course is for you!. You will get a course completion certificate after completing the course.

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