French for complete Beginners – A1

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In this course you will learn how to communicate in French at a beginner’s level.

We will learn A1 grammar, vocabulary, and pronuciation.

You will be able to communicate in daily situations such as going to the supermarket, introducing yourself, or booking a hotel room.

All of my knowledge for this course has been built upon years of experience teaching beginner students. I use English to explain certain grammar structures but always try to use the target language as much as possible.

In the first part of the course we will start with basic pronunciation and vocabulary. You will also learn basic grammar rules such as the articles, the verb to be and the adjectives. All of the units contain video lessons, exercises, and quizzes.

Feel free to repeat them as many times as you want! This is the best way to learn efficiently.

I have created this lesson specifically for beginner students because I know that French might seem a bit tough when you are starting, and it is important to have a native teacher who can also sometimes explain the grammar tips in your language.

Don’t worry, French is not a hard language to learn!

I hope you will enjoy this course and that you will have fun learning with me!

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