Entrepreneurship: 60 Day Startup Launch Blueprint JUST 18$

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn Entrepreneurship Fundamentals to Transform your Startup Ideas into a Profitable Business in 60 Days.
  • Learn How to Validate your Startup Idea Without Wasting Time or Money.
  • Uncover The #1 Reason Most Startups Have Failed and Learn How to Avoid the same for your Venture.
  • Learn How to Pre-Sell your Product using EOI (Expressions of Interest).
  • Learn the Core Startup Concepts with Real World Startup Examples and Case Studies.
  • Uncover Success Secrets of Your Favourite Startups such as Uber, Tinder, AirBnB, Tesla etc
  • Learn How to Spot Great Business Opportunities in Everyday Life
  • Learn How Soaring Startup Valuations are justified by Investors
  • Build Your Product without knowing How to Code!
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