Sound Like a Native – French Pronunciation Full Course (HD)

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Whatever your objective or level in French, mastering your french pronunciation is vital to communicate.

In this course, I cover the most important sounds of the French language and I teach you how to sound like a native speaker.

You will learn how to differentiate, pronounce and write the sounds via entertaining phonetic videos and exercises. Each lesson is in video format (HD) so you are able to watch and copy the native speaker produce the sound, words and sentences.

This course is a French immersive video course, created and presented by Anne Le Grand, an experienced native French teacher.

  • Course 100% in French with French subtitles
  • Designed for all levels
  • Clear explanations with experienced native teacher
  • Exercises to practice your pronunciation 
  • All videos available in HD

Feel free to watch the introduction section and the free video previews to see how the course is structured.

I hope you enjoy the course. Please use the Q&A section in the course as well so that we can help resolve any confusion or add additional things if necessary.

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