Adobe Photoshop CC 2022: Fast Track

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  • Would you like to get a bunch of most wanted tools and techniques?
  • It takes just 3 hours but you can use acquired skills immediately after the course.
  • Everyone who wants to learn Photoshop easily and playfully, enjoy!

You will know how to use tools, options, adjustments, workspaces, layers, masks, and about 50 techniques for changing background, recoloring objects, and getting rid of some distractions. We are going to make some manipulation with a lot of photos and images, and even cut a lot of different objects out of the images for making a delicious breakfast!

1 You will get real cases

2 All the classes include homework.

3 Every tool will be shown in an interesting case

4 I keep recording new videos and adding them to the course. And my goal is 17 more lessons!

5 You will get secret spices in the newest versions and so much more!

Every single lesson includes homework

and as you might be noticed I have an accent, and that’s why I’ve checked all the subtitles for a better understanding of my speech.

To be honest with you, Photoshop is easy and interesting, and now…


Enjoy every course, watch carefully and please always contact me I am happy to help you in person. Especially, don’t forget about the homework;)

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