advertising attributes to avoid to improve ad quality and performance

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Facebook’s ad system is designed to maximise value for people and businesses. That’s why we conduct research and analyse feedback from our community to understand which attributes of ads are low quality, meaning they tend to diminish value for people and businesses.

Below you’ll find some of the key attributes of ad content and post-click experiences, such as landing pages, which we consider low quality. If your ad contains any of these attributes, the ad quality component of your ad’s total value may be relatively lower. Similarly, if you repeatedly post policy violating or low-quality ads, our system may associate your Page, domain, ad account or other associated entities as lower quality, making ads created from these entities less competitive in auctions.

That means it will cost more and see fewer results than it would if it did not contain these attributes and associations. We recommend avoiding these attributes in your ad content and post-click experience, including landing pages, across your Page, domain, ad account and other associated entities to help maximise your ad’s performance.

Attributes of low-quality ad content


  • Withholding information: Ads that withhold information in order to entice someone to click a link to understand the full context of something. For additional tips on removing this and other forms of clickbait, see our publishing best practices. As a reminder, if we detect that an ad violates our Low-quality or Disruptive Content Policy, we’ll reject it.
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