Flutter for window : Building your first desktop application

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Flutter is a big deal because any developer (or anyone who wants to learn app development) can now build mobiles, web, and desktop apps with one codebase ONLY! This means, instead of having to learn a native language for each platform you can now use Flutter Mobile Development Framework to build apps that run natively on both iOS and Android devices using the
General-purpose Dart

[Why this course?]

  • Window has a Great future and scope​
  • Window has more than 70% market share​
  • Demand & opportunity​
  • Upgrade Your skill​

[Our GOAL]

Unlike other courses, Instead of building basic apps such as making the hello world app, calculator app which I won’t call it app. We will build a real desktop application such as a todo, image editor, and wallpaper application. At the end of this course, you will be able to make your own desktop application.

[What we will build in this course?]

  • Building Todo App (Demo)​
  • Building Image Editor App(Demo)​
  • Building Wallpaper App (Demo)​

[Who can enroll in this course?]

  • Anyone who is brave enough to upgrade their skill
  • Has dart and flutter basic knowledge
  • Eager to learn new technology
  • Experienced iOS and Android developers

System requirements

  • Windows, macOS, Linux for Desktop app development
  • macOS for iOS app development

Note: I will not cover every feature of the app as it will consume a lot of time. But we will try to implement most of the


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