How to add an affiliate store feed to your website or blog without coding

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If you run a blog or website with existing traffic, you may wish to earn residual income from your site. To do so, the easiest way to achieve this would be to have an affiliate store for your visitors to purchase products from.

Yet, getting XML affiliate store feeds implemented on blogs or websites may in some cases be just too complicated for many people.

In this affiliate store feed class, I am sharing with you the details of a service provider, which at no cost to you, will allow you to create just a simple javascript code, which you then copy & paste into your site for an instant affiliate online store.

In my overview, I show you how you can have an affiliate store implemented on your site in less than 30 minutes.

NOTE: Even though I am sharing with you the details of the service provider, I do NOT receive any commission or financial benefit from them.

Latest UPDATE: The website referenced in this video has now ceased and is no longer available.GET ON UDEMY 

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