Where to buy/sell NFT? Selected reviews of NFT marketplaces

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A curated selection of videos to get you started on your journey to NFT marketplaces.

This selection of videos from various creators is designed for NFT beginners. Although, some videos might be useful to intermediate self-taught NFT users as well.

The course covers reviews of the biggest NFT marketplaces:

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  • Binance NFT Marketplace
  • Solanart

Our team here at BitDegree has curated a small selection of informative videos for you to get caught up with the NFT marketplaces. The information you will learn will help you enter the NFT market with more confidence.

That being said, please be noted that the videos in this course are not created by the team of BitDegree. Hence we cannot be held accountable if the information will get old or be proven incorrect at some point. In such a case, please inform us, and we will update the course.

Always do your own research prior to choosing the NFT marketplace.



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